Leading Hardware Corporation is a screws and bolts manufacturer and supplier for hardware fasteners, industrial fasteners, constructional fasteners, petrochemical industry and commercial applications.

We provide various fasteners bolts such as hex. Head bolt, hex. Cap screws, heavy head bolt, heavy hex. Screws, square head bolts, hex. Lag screws, hex. Head wood screws, hex. Flange screws, flange 12-point screws, carriage bolts, ribbed neck bolts, countersunk bolts, flat head bolts, flat countersunk head elevator bolts, plow bolts, track bolts, double end studs/ tap end studs, full thread rod, stud bolts, high strength structural bolts, hex. Socket head cap screw, hex. Socket flat countersunk head cap screws and multi stage screw & bolt.

Leading Hardware Corporation

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